Together over the years, we have provided support and comfort to those in need:

  • Distributed 1,000,000+ warm items to the less fortunate
  • Served 200,000+ people and 100+ human services agencies
  • Covered Bay Area counties and beyond
  • Engaged thousands of volunteers

After 25 Years, Warm Wishes ends its annual distribution of streetpacks filled with warm items to the homeless and insecurely sheltered

2018 was the 25th Year that Warm Wishes provided warm items to our homeless and sheltered neighbors throughout the Bay Area. Founder Bill Hamm and umbrella agency Warm Wishes estimate that, since its inception, Warm Wishes provided over ONE MILLION items to our neighbors living on the streets through agencies and shelters.

After 25 successful years, Warm Wishes has fulfilled its mission and more. We have decided to end the Warm Wishes tradition on a high note and will not hold their annual streetpack assembly and distribution day this year.

Over the years, Warm Wishes created personal relationships between our multi-generational volunteers and the street community when once a year volunteers distributed 5,000 “streetpacks” or backpacks, stuffed with warm gloves, scarves, hats, wool socks, and rain ponchos to homeless men, women, and children living on Bay Area streets. The winter accessories were brand new, manufactured under the direction of and funded by Warm Wishes, to help our needy neighbors survive the difficult weather months. In addition, each streetpack included a heart-warming, personal holiday card hand-written and drawn by Bay Area children. The streetpacks were distributed to over 40 homeless services agencies throughout the Bay Area each December.

We are accepting donations to offset expenses for one more, small, local event. Our budget to make this happen is $3,500.00. Click here to donate. Or send donations to: MarinLink, 5800 Northgate Drive #250, San Rafael, CA 94903.

Remaining Warm Wishes inventory will be distributed to local agencies. Agencies and individuals are requested to NOT contact Warm Wishes or MarinLink about final distribution; they will be contacted directly about details.

MarinLink and Warm Wishes founder Bill Hamm are grateful for all of the goodwill and support the community has given to Warm Wishes these past 25 years. We have many lovely memories of participating at the annual streetpack distribution day year after year, generation after generation.

Thank you for your 25 years of support to serve the homeless and sheltered in the Bay Area.

Warm Wishes!

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We are accepting donations to offset expenses for one more, small, local event. Our budget to make this happen is $3,500.00.

Click here, or send donations to:
5800 Northgate Drive #250
San Rafael, CA 94903