The MarinLink Fiscal Sponsorship Program collaborates with social entrepreneurs and community organizations engaged in projects consistent with its mission by providing administrative support, tax-exempt status, and fiscal sponsorship.

Do you have a great idea?  Inspired and looking for help?
Maybe Fiscal Sponsorship can make it happen!

With fiscal sponsorship and 501(c)(3) status, social entrepreneurs and groups can accept charitable dollars to support their community-based efforts. Fiscal sponsorship with MarinLink enables these visionaries to raise and accept funds for their cause. MarinLink offers an array of Professional Services to assist projects.

Fiscal sponsorship is a way for aspiring nonprofit social entrepreneurs and groups to uniquely attract resources and share grassroots expertise to address unmet community needs. Why is fiscal sponsorship a good idea? It’s a great way to fast track your idea through an existing nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, MarinLink, Inc. Fiscal Sponsorship can align your project with our community, network, and resources to jumpstart your project’s strategic plan. Through a contractual relationship, your project can attract tax-exempt contributions. It is cost-effective and efficient.

Why is fiscal sponsorship a good idea?

It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to fast track your idea by collaborating with an existing nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. MarinLink’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program low barrier to entry allows your project the development time to launch its strategic plan and attract tax-exempt contributions necessary for its success and longevity.

As your fiscal sponsor, what does MarinLink provide?

  1. Strategic Developement
  2. Fiscal Sponsorship
  3. Reporting Support

MarinLink can provide formal acknowledgements to funding source and monitoring of expenditures to ensure that projects adhere to their original proposals, contracts, or funding letters. Fiscally sponsored programs are also added to MarinLink’s website and have access to meeting space. MarinLink offers professional services for grant writing expertise, administration, reporting, organizational effectiveness, and sustainable growth. Fiscal expertise in nonprofit management. Network of community leaders or alumni of launched projects.

MarinLink is listed in the Fiscal Sponsor Directory:

Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application

What does MarinLink do?

The MarinLink Fiscal Sponsorship Program is a leader and collaborator on community impact and social entrepreneurship in Marin County and beyond. MarinLink is actively engaged in supporting projects and community organizers who are engaged in identifying and improving community needs consistent with its mission.  We provide administrative support, tax-exempt status or fiscal sponsorship.