Marinterviews’ Mission

Marinterviews’ Mission is to highlight the stories of our community members who make Marin… Marin!

We spotlight the limitless bounty of our County to include diverse voices and unsung heroes by inviting them to tell their stories on video.

Tune in to our interviews to learn about Marin from some of our most interesting community members and hidden gems who live and work among us.

Learn about our friends and neighbors who contribute so much to inspire us.


Sandra Riley Grimshaw: Founded TRUCE in 2010, a non-profit program promoting being kind online. Her previous TV host experience, media profession and boundless curiosity will guide our interviews.

Trevor Henley/DTI Studios: Photo & Video professional and inspirational activist. Trevor is well-versed with all media resources.

Mary O’Mara: Executive Director of MarinLink and Director of Marin Arts. Mary has worked in the nonprofit space for 20 years supporting startup nonprofits and the Arts.

Questions? Comments? Please contact [email protected]

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