Established in 2003 MarinLink serves as an incubator and fiscal sponsor for community-based projects inspired by social entrepreneurs to generate positive change in the Arts, Community, Education, Environment and Health.

In the News & Awards:

  • Certificate Recognition California State Assembly 2016
  • Resolution Marin Board Supervisors : Helping Hand 2009
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Mary O’MaraExecutive Director
Mary Mariani O’Mara is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of MarinLink. She has grown MarinLink from an idea to an effective nonprofit and fiscal sponsor umbrella for more than 100 Marin County based projects. She brings her teaching experience in both schools and nonprofits, and her business acumen to create infrastructure and support for MarinLink community based projects, programs, and initiatives. She is currently a Core Adjunct with National University. Mary grew up in Marin County and is a graduate of San Domenico High School, San Francisco State University, and she holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership from Dominican University of California.
Nancy BoyceRN, MA, President
A resident of Marin County for more than 40 years, Nancy is the founder MarinLink. She has been honored as a Public Health Hero by Marin County’s Department of Health & Human Services for her work as a school nurse and creating the Pre-School Health Resource Manual. Nancy and her husband Ed received the 2010 Hannah Creighton Environmental Justice Award for building a healthier community, advocacy on environmental and social justice issues, and providing leadership for children’s healthcare programs. She and Ed also won the 2011 Pacific SunCommunity Spirit Award. She has served on numerous boards and councils in Marin, and is committed to creating community connections for the people and programs of Marin County.


Julie JehlyDevelopment & Fiscal Sponsorship Director
Julie Jehly has an instinctive and passionate drive to make the world a better place by supporting the greater good. She brings eleven years of nonprofit development, and event and project management expertise to MarinLink. She has an AA from Fisher College, and earned her Natural Resources Watershed Management AS from Santa Rosa Junior College, receiving a Water Conservation Award for her public education outreach from the Sonoma County Water Agency in 2009. Julie is an avid gardener, backpacker and volunteers with Sonoma County Regional Parks and The Living Room.
Richard Jensen
Richard serves as the Business Management Coach for MarinLINK projects. Richard retired from his life long career in Banking as Marketing Manager with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and American Express. He holds a B.A. in Economics and an MBA in General Management and Marketing from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. He is a Member of the Rotary Club of Central Marin and is past president of the Marin County Library Foundation Board and past commissioner of the Marin County Free Library.
Jessica MottBookkeeper
Jessica comes to MarinLink with nine years of nonprofit accounting experience. She wants to leave the world a better place than she found it and sees MarinLink as the way to achieve this goal, as MarinLink strives to help organizations who serve a social good. She also loves nonprofits as they bring out the best in people who are, in turn, enjoyable to be around. Jessica’s other passion is photography, primarily portrait and documentary, so she can be found most weekends with camera in hand.

Board Of Directors

Tamara Hull, CPA with Janisse Hull in Novato, is passionate about the environment. As a member of Sustainable San Rafael, she promotes and advocates sustainability in areas of green building and waste management. In addition, she is an advocate for affordable housing and works closely with local government to create opportunities for low income residents. Tamara generously donates her time to many nonprofits by providing tax advice pro bono.  In her spare time she races BMWs!
Joanne Molyneaux is Chief Financial Officer of MarinLink.  A business and systems consultant for more than 20 years, Joanne worked extensively with the telecommunications industry on creating benchmark customer care and feedback systems.  Turning to nonprofit work seven years ago, she is on the board of Ross Valley Ecumenical Housing Association, and Sukhasiddhi Foundation, a Marin-based Buddhist meditation and study center. Joanne lives in San Rafael.
Nancy Boyce, RN, MA, a resident of Marin County for more than 30 years, is the Co-Founder and Treasurer of Marin Link.  She has been honored as a Public Health Hero by Marin County’s Department of Health & Human Services for her work as a school nurse, founding the Marin Integrative Healing Network, and creating the Pre-School Health Resource Manual.  She has served on numerous boards and councils in Marin and is committed to creating community connections for the people and programs of Marin County.
Gregg Siegel is an attorney with Alliance in Petaluma. He attended college at UC Santa Barbara and law school at Santa Clara University. He resides in San Rafael with his wife, Stephanie. Gregg enjoys outdoor activities including biking through the beautiful hills of Marin County and is a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants.
Peter Breen   
Peter Breen retired from the County of Marin as County Welfare Director in 1989. He then became Executive of Centerforce at San Quentin, a non-profit serving the families and children of California’s 33 prisons. During that time he served on the San Anselmo Town Council, serving four times as Mayor. Peter is currently a Senior Fellow for the Child Welfare League of America in Washington DC.. Peter is the current the Board President of Side by Side, formerly Sunnyhills Services’ in addition to serving on several other Boards in Marin. In his spare time, he is a member of the North Coast Rail Authority Board.
Mary O’Mara, MBA, is the Executive Director and  Co-founder of MarinLink.  A former teacher and school administrator, she holds the position of Core Adjunct with National University. She earned her MBA in Strategic Leadership from Dominican University of San Rafael. Mary lives in San Rafael.

Community Partners

Bank of Marin


County of Marin

Environmental Forum of Marin

Hennessy Funds



Marin Economic Forum

Marin’s Founders Celebration

Marin Professionals

Marin Women’s Commission

MerloneGeier Partners


Warm Wishes

MarinLink has been a major blessing not just to my project, but to so many other wonderful community based organizations and projects under their larger non-profit 501c (3) Fiscal Umbrella. Without MarinLink, I truly don’t know how I would have been able to get my project underway. They have been supportive and helpful at every turn. They are like my personal cheer-leading team encouraging me every step of the way. They have also been wonderfully instrumental in educating me about the various ins and outs of establishing and running a successful non-profit through their MarinLink University program. What can I say…if you have a passion and a dream to contribute to your community in a purposeful and meaningful way, MarinLink is there to help!

Leslie Lakes, “Prison Arts Touching Hearts” P.A.T.H.

I have found MarinLink to be a valuable resource in the early days of establishing our project!

Roger Sramek, “Think out of the Cup”

MarinLink has been a ready resource for our learning and our project!

Roger Sramek, “Think out of the Cup”

MarinLink is an outstanding community organization that offers wonderful leadership to small non-profit organizations like ours, Kids Cooking for Life. They are always just a phone call away when a problem comes up.

Marco Cacchi, “Kids Cooking for Life”

MarinLink supports non-profits with workshops to educate us in all the aspects of running a non-profit, from legal entities to insurance, to mission/vision statements. The information is practical and very useful, although most nonprofits may be run by dreamers–this is common sense stuff we need to know!

Ann Moreno, “Reset GO”

MarinLink’s support, education, networking, and connections have helped us to get to where we are today. MarinLink University gave us great information and the opportunity to network with other nonprofits and the folks who support them.

Ann Moreno, “Reset GO”

The support of the staff and volunteers at MarinLink has helped us to move forward toward our dream, rather than becoming derailed when faced with areas of our own lack of expertise. MarinLink excels at helping nonprofits succeed.

Ann Moreno, “Reset GO”

Marin Link has been more than helpful in providing important services that we could otherwise not have access to as a start up nonprofit organization.

Jennifer Clark, “Pacifics Baseball Clinics”

Marin Link has made it possible for our project to go forward as a non-profit entity. They have supported and encouraged us to dream big.

David Peters, “Passion Voice”

MarinLink makes it possible for Newswire21 to help the community. We’re very grateful for their assistance and guidance.

Tom Murphy, “NewsWire21”

MarinLink has made it possible for Newswire21 and San Francisco Bay Area Jouranlists put on low-cost and free programs that help set the stage for a resurgence in community journalism.

Tom Murphy, “NewsWire21”

We are so grateful to partner with you so that we can focus on our educational mission.

Vicki Whiting, “Kid Scoop News”

As a new project, having the support of MarinLink is essential so that we can focus our efforts on the programming and fundraising. – Vicki Whiting “Kid Scoop News”

As a newly started not for profit educational project, we are completely reliant on the support and structures offered by MarinLink. It would be too much for us to do on our own. Thank you so much for you patience and excellent advice.

Vicki Whiting, “Kid Scoop News”

We are so grateful for the opportunity Marinlink has provided to help:” Love Wild Horses” rock and roll here in Marin!

Jennifer Tara, “Love Wild Horses”

Marin Link has enabled our organization to meet our goals and develop legitimacy. This is especially important during the start of a non-profit and with out which, we would not have been able to fulfill our mission to protect watersheds.

Laura Chariton, “Watershed Alliance of Marin”

I appreciate the opportunity that Marin Link provides to the community and myself to help launch the Tree Monkey Project, It is a great resource and I recommend it to anyone thinking of starting their own nonprofit.

James Reed, “Tree Monkey Project”

The support of MarinLink has been invaluable in my efforts even though my fundraising has become stalled. The support both personal and professional from MarinLink has created a solid, credible basis for the California Film Project to pursue its goals of independent, environmental education. I am very grateful and proud to be part of the MarinLink community.

Christopher Beaver, “California Film Project”

MarinLink has been most helpful in providing information and essential connections for our start-up non-profit.

Kim Mac Lean, “Project HOPE”

As our fiscal sponsor Marinlink has been most helpful in getting us off the ground.

Kim MacLean, “Project HOPE”

Without the support of MarinLink, the Trauma Assessment Project, which serves a very vulnerable population could not survive.

Elizabeth Stinson, “Trauma Assessment Project”

Without MarinLink we would not have a productive, well advised program to help address the number of depressed and suicidal survivors of military sexual trauma which we continue to serve.

Elizabeth Stinson, “Trauma Assessment Project”

MarinLink is vital to our community. To have this organization behind our project is like a vote of confidence at the same time it is a helping hand. I felt like a giant load of responsibility was lightened when MarinLink told us they believed in our work and would support the Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference.

Jane Hunter, “Women’s PowerStrategy Conference”

Marin Link has been an invaluable asset to the success of my Non-Profit. They handle all of my accounting needs and let me and my team focus on what matters.

Susan Weber Pomillia, “Cruisin with Susan”

We are incredibly grateful for Marin Link’s support. For a small organization like ours, having your support makes a huge difference for us. We are growing Miracle Girls with ease and supporting more girls to know they belong and that they matter, to build meaningful friendships, and to be their wonderful authentic selves.

Brinkley Hutchings, “Miracle Girls”

MarinLink has helped us to become a non-profit easily and simply so that we can focus on our mission. Thank you.

Mia Andler, “Vilda Foundation”

MarinLink has been a boon to our infant organization, providing access to help, guidance, and invaluable information. We are well on our way to some great work for our community with many thanks to MarinLInk!

Peter Parish, “Chaos FFX”

MarinLink is the key incubator for nonprofits in Marin. We feel very fortunate to have launched Earth Day Marin with MarinLink in 2009 and to have worked with MarinLink’s support on each of the 4 Earth Day Marin Festivals we have produced. As our fiscal sponsor they have made managing our nonprofit administration and finance easy; for small organizations that is a life saver. Nancy and Mary are always available to brainstorm, network and provide feedback. The work they have donbe to grow their roster of exciting projects and foster their growth is a major asset to the Marin community.

Hannah Doress, “Earth Day Marin”