Sonoma Valley Authors Festival (SVAF)


Sonoma Valley Authors Festival   The SVAF brings together key authors from around the world to discuss their books and the “how and why” of their writing. As part of the program, individuals with “ideas” that are transforming our lives through medicine, technology, entertainment and communication may also be presenting [...]

Wondering Naturally


Wondering Naturally   Wondering Naturally was started by Katie. She grew up on a small family farm and spent summers hiking and canoeing which sparked her passion for the environment and science education. This passion drives her to support others in finding their sense of wonder and becoming environmentally literate. She excels at making connections, teaching [...]

Age Song


Age Song AgeSong Marin discussion groups provide conversation and connection for seniors who wish to explore life’s “third act.”  Each group of six to eight participants (plus two facilitators) meets during the day for 90 minutes once weekly for 8 weeks. Experienced leaders help us to tell our stories, make new connections, laugh [...]

Metabolic Films


Metabolic Films   Metabolic Films is dedicated to developing and producing contemplative films that explore the complex landscapes we inhabit through stories of inquiry and interconnection. Located in Bolinas, California, Metabolic Films strives to make ecological films that inspire viewers to examine our myriad correlations as participants on the living earth. [...]



P.A.T.H.   The P.A.T.H. project is designed to provide a platform incarcerated artists - those in the shadows and largely hidden to the public eye providing prisoners with a vehicle to give back to the community in a meaningful and powerful way through art. P.A.T.H activities include a, “Call to Incarcerated [...]