Fiscal Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

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Fiscal Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions2018-06-12T14:54:42-07:00

Fiscal Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

What is MarinLink’s application process?2020-05-18T18:01:18-07:00

MarinLink processes applications anytime throughout the year that meet specific criteria consistent with fiscal sponsorship best practices. If you are considering applying for fiscal sponsorship, MarinLink will consider your application if:

· Your nonprofit is compatible with MarinLink’s Mission
· Your nonprofit is consistent with best practices National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS).
· Your nonprofit is serious in its intent and well-planned
· Your nonprofit is responsible for proper reporting to funding sources and the IRS
· Your nonprofit is consistent with MarinLink’s 501(c) 3 tax-exempt status
· $150 non-refundable application fee

For any questions regarding these criteria, please contact MarinLink at (415) 472-0211×103.

Is there a cost associated with fiscal sponsorship at MarinLink?2022-07-18T22:52:29-07:00

Once approved for fiscal sponsorship, a 5%-15% administrative fee is assessed on all income received by MarinLink under its nonprofit umbrella. The fee is proportionate to the size and complexity of the project or service.

A minimum bank account balance of $400.00 is required for each sponsored project.

If your nonprofit does not process a minimum of $3,500.00 annually, MarinLink charges a $400.00 fee for maintenance and accounting services.

What other responsibilities should I be aware of?2017-04-14T11:21:54-07:00

Your project will be implemented and operate in accordance with the terms and conditions used in our contractual agreement and with any requirements imposed by your project’s funding organizations and in accordance with all laws and regulations.  You will also be required to submit periodic status updates and progress reports.

Will I need to get insurance?2017-04-14T11:21:35-07:00

MarinLink maintains a policy of comprehensive general liability insurance and such other insurance, required by law or usual and customary with respect to the conduct of its activities, in amounts, which it has determined, are reasonably adequate. Such insurance may cover your Project’s activities, subject to review. Should other coverage be required, MarinLink will assist in helping secure additional insurance.

I have a non-profit already and I am seeking temporary fiscal sponsorship. Would I be a candidate for MarinLink’s fiscal sponsorship?2017-04-14T11:21:02-07:00

Yes, we would be happy to help you out temporarily. MarinLink offers fiscal sponsorship to temporary projects and developing organizations if they meet the criteria and are approved by MarinLink.

Does MarinLink provide grants for our sponsored projects?2017-04-14T19:15:59-07:00

MarinLink does not offer the grantor/grantee relationship (Model C). However, if you are seeking funds for your idea and wish to utilize MarinLink’s professional services we can assist you with grant writing proposals and refining your pitch.

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